How To Fix A Clogged Bathroom Sink

How To Fix A Clogged Bathroom Sink
1. Strike with Boiled Water: When hairs, soap residue, and other debris are getting stuck in your drain, hot boiling water can loosen the blockage in your pipe. IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't try this unclogging method if your drain is connected with any PVC pipe because boiling water might melt or damage the pipe.

2. Clear out the P-Trap: We suggest you check the P-trap of your sink which is majorly responsible for holding the sewer and collecting the debris.

3. Try vinegar and baking soda mixture: Before applying this procedure, make sure to clear water from the surface.

4. Try a plumber's snake: A plumber's snake is a handy, convenient tool to clean the clog and dirt stuck under the kitchen sink.

5. Use Coat hanger: If you don't have a plumber's snake, you may use a wire coat hanger as it acts as a substitute for it.

6. Try a mixture of baking soda and salt: Pour a full cup of baking soda and a half cup of salt down the drain.Allow the mixture to remain for several hours before flushing it out with boiling water. You can repeat the procedure two times.
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