We understand how frustrating it can be to wait days for service. Here at Reni Rooter, we pride ourselves on putting the customers first. If you have an emergency situation, do not hesitate to contact us to be made a priority.

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Plumbing problems wear on homeowners like nothing else. From the water heater to the sewer line, we take the pressure off of you (and get it back in your shower).


Meet Lorenzo aka “Reni” owner and ceo of Reni rooter

As a homeowner, sometimes it can be hard to find trustworthy companies to service your biggest investment. 

Working countless years for prominent plumbing companies not only gave me a chance to gain valuable experience in the plumbing field, but also gave me a chance to learn the business side of running a plumbing company. Some companies will do and say anything to get as much money out of every customer as possible, even if that means selling them things they don’t need, and I wanted to take a more honest and transparent approach. My customers will never have to worry about me recommending something they do not need just to upsell a job. I’ll always give customers the best options and let them decide what they want to commit to. 

My personality and ability to connect with my customers made it easy to accumulate hundreds of 5 star reviews, as well as repeat customers (see below for a few real reviews from real customers) throughout the valley.

what says our customers about us!
  • My husband called Reni Rooter on a Friday night and he was at our house Saturday morning at 7am sharp. He fixed the problem that another plumber couldn't. Lorenzo was very helpful and did not give up until he found the issue. If you have any plumbing issues, we definitely recommend them!


  • What an outstanding gentleman! Sunday, answered his phone and came right over. Noticed my carpet and took his shoes off without me asking.


  • Over the weekend I woke up to my water heater pouring water and flooding my garage. After several calls to big name companies quoting me $2k-$4k and a few days out for service, I came across Reni Rooter and Lorenzo came out within half an hour. He gave me a reasonable quote and replaced the water heater the same day.


  • What an awesome Plumber. Thank you Reni Rooter. Service was great very personal and friendly. We will definitely call again if we need another plumber


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